Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Camping and Baseball . . . . . . . . . . . . Spring is here!

There are many things to love about spring. . . . warm weather, pretty flowers, longer days, CAMPING, and BASEBALL. As the Phillies take the field for the start of yet another hopeful baseball season, anticipation of Two great American pastimes are building. Are we the only ones who think baseball and camping are a great fit? Both baseball and camping allow us to Slow Down and enjoy all that spring has to offer. Whether you're at the Ball Park or at your favorite Camping grounds, relax with your friends and family and take in some classic Americana along with some fresh air. Who doesn't love listening to the game on an AM radio around the campfire on those cool summer nights? As a matter of fact, were not the first ones to think that camping and baseball are a great fit. Check out this Kid's Phillies tent, how cool is that. If you have a big site or an area to play, wiffle-ball is a great campground activity. See you at the Rocks!

P.S. How to play wiffle ball.